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Why choosing the Lion Capital? You need safe and trust

We are working to be the top private investment company with experienced oversea management team. We ensure that our client’s asset are safe. Our platform has comparative CFDs and commissions in the industry.

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New Generation Forex Trading Platform

Comparative CFDs

Top-tier Liquidity providers

High speed trading

The awarding 24hours service team

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SECC regulation

MT4 Trading Platform

MetaTrader4(MT4) is the most popular Forex and CFDs trading platform. More than 300 Brokers and Banks use this platform. Download now, the Lion Capital MT4 platform!

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SECC Cambodia regulation Forex Broker

We place great emphasis on the safety of our regulatory and client funds. We provide our clients with an absolutely safe and transparent trading environment. Click here to see the details of our regulatory and client fund security.

Capital Safe

Auditing service

Regulation Safe

Compensation Insurance

Accounting Service


Transparent trading environment under the Lion Captial.

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